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The O2REMOTE Story



The O2 Remote is a wireless oxygen tubing reel and dispenser. This small, compact oxygen tubing retractor helps eliminate oxygen tube tangles and kinks, making life easier and safer for those on home oxygen therapy. The O2 Remote retractable oxygen tubing system can greatly reduce the risk of falls and injuries by keeping the excess oxygen tubing out of the way.  Affordable, simple to use and set up, the O2 Remote oxygen tube reel is a must have for anyone on home oxygen. 

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"Highly recommend this unit. After sales service is excellent. Even to us up here in the Great White North. Alberta. Made a big difference to me, being able to  move around a lot easier. Thanks Tim."  - Ken Wood


"I am very happy with your device - make my life with oxygen easier!"  - Jaroslava 


"We purchased this product a few months ago for my wife's oxygen concentrator tubing. It is fantastic and cleverly designed. Rather than many over-engineered and thus, over-priced products, this is smart, simple and really works well. It is unobtrusive and does exactly what is promised. We could not be more pleased with it!" - Nick Palmer